FOR JUNE 8, 2019


Roll Call & Introductions
The meeting was called to order at 11:54 A.M. by Co-President Andrea Ewing.

Clubs Represented:  Capital City FSC, Peninsula SC, St. Moritz ISC, The SC of San Francisco,  Santa Rosa FSC,  University ISC of San Jose  & Vaca Valley FSC.  ISC of Fresno used Skype.

Absent:   ISC of Fresno & Stockton FSC

14 delegates representing 7 clubs & 1 guest which indicated a quorum.

The minutes of January 12, 2019 were accepted as corrected by changing Spring Preview to Spring Jubilee.

Meeting Committee 
 The next meeting will be September 14,  2019.

Treasurer Report
Attached is the Treasurer Report for June 8, 2019.  Santa Rosa still owes for Crystalline.  A bill of $28.13 was submitted for copies for the website. 

Nothing received.

Competition Committee Report.
Lisa Erle reported CCIA has 174 skaters & 237 starts with 44 NQS  starts. Competition will be Saturday & Sunday. Need to get more judges from the Bay area. We also need to add more money to cover NQS events. USFS needs to assign NQS availability of officials to judge these events.

Judges Bureau Report
Beshara & Veronica haven't receive any inquiries for judges.

Music Committee Report
Gary Schroeder reported that Apple to discontinue I Tunes. They will divide them into parts. Look into future for what they will do.

Collegiate Committee Report
Cal does have a Collegiate team & San Jose might have a team.

CCIA  Website
Shirley Schorer  reported all CCIA competition programs from 1968 to 1984 are on the CCIA website under the sub menu of Past CCIA Competitions & will leave website in the hands of Scott Davis.

Old Business
Nominating Committee report attached. It was moved by Jean Fahmie & seconded by Alexei Folger to accept as presented.  The Co-Presidents have final approval of the Committee Chairs. 

New Business
U.S. Figure Skating in conjunction with the ISU is organizing the California Cup in Irvine. Ca, November 7-9, 2019, which is part of the Challenger Series in Synchronized Skating 2019/20.

Sam Singer reported on the value of the Excel Program and he would like to see it be considered adding to competitions from January - May.

A. Honors/Achievements
Veronica Nebb received her National Accountant appointment.
Marilyn Clarke received her 25 year pin as a Judge.
Sandy Hopson-Davis  received her 25 year pin as a Accountant.
Laura Lipetsky was awarded Coach of the Year.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:25 p.m.

Respectively submitted,
Sandy Hopson-Davis
CCIA Secretary