The CCIA Competition is 50 Years Old!

CCIA Splits its Annual Event into Novice and Advanced Divisions

For the first time, in 1971, the CCIA split its annual competition in to two separate competitions, the Novice Division and the Advanced Division. El Camino Ice Skating Club hosted the fourth annual Novice Division CCIA Competition at the Burlingame rink on May 23-24, 1971. As in past years the Novice Division held events for the lower levels, Pixie through Pre Juvenile and events up to the Second test level. Mixed and Ladies Pairs events were included in the list of scheduled events, as well.

With the addition of the second competition, held a month later on June 27 at Belmont Iceland by the Crystal Springs Ice Skating Club, Intermediate through Senior level Singles events were competed, along with Bronze Pairs and dance events through the Senior and Championship levels. This new competition was extremely welcomed by the higher levels, and due to the large amount of entries certain events had to be eliminated from the schedule, such as, Junior and Senior Ladies Moves. By 1971, it is evident the CCIA Competition had become a prestigious event, and a great success growing in number of entrants, and in disciplines and levels of events.

Please enjoy the two competition programs below.