The CCIA Competition is 50 Years Old!

Looking back to the First Annual Novice Skating Competition

Founding member of the Central California Inter-Club Association, Margery Schleh, of Capital City FSC, proposed that CCIA sponsor an inter-club competition in 1967 to allow skaters the opportunity to perform their programs in front of a judging panel before the qualifying season began. At this time, the local clubs did not host non-qualifying competitions, so there was a real need for “feedback before the big qualifier”. Margery Co-Chaired the first CCIA competition with Joan Burns, who was then a member of El Camino ISC. The competition was hosted by El Camino Ice Skating Club in 1968 at the Burlingame Ice Arena offering lower level events for the most part in this first year.

Program 1

Program 2 Program 3